Developing an authentic self-awareness of the Brainpower Mindset involves the process of "self-talk." You can start improving your essential self-talk communication skills by understanding the central importance of the self-talk breakthrough based upon the new brain science facts and ideas in the context of modern evolutionary biology, psychology and the social sciences.

    The self-talk communication steps can help improve all aspects of your life, especially problems of self-esteem, including self-coaching, counseling for personal growth and mentoring for professional success and the development of teamwork skills.

    You can explore the Self-Talk communication process at the following Network of Champions link:

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    (Network of Champions)

    As you begin your guided self-liberation journey, you must be prepared to replace any old "negative" mental programs in your brain with new "positive" programs. These programs are the result of tiny physical microscopic "neuronal pathways" in your brain's memory resources and cerebral tissues where your goals, plans and choices are created --- if you have had sufficient education to use them properly. If you stop using your old negative memory programs long enough, they will actually break down chemically --- all by themselves!

    Brain researchers have discovered that it takes about three weeks to begin to break down the chemical pathways which are actually old connections in your brain tissues that were developed by your previous habitual activities. The "physical changes" can be shown in MRI brain scans where you can see your brain's neurons and neuronal networks.

    Your chief Self-Talk communication skills are your own words. As you become more aware of the conventional word meanings in standard English, you can learn to use more words to describe your new brainpower potential as you think in terms of the Brainpower Mindset about all the serious issues in your life. The quality of your self-awareness is determined by your unique language abilities, especially the original language you were taught by your family and other authority figures in your young life.


    You can discover the profound fact that both halves of your brain, namely, your "Left Hemisphere" and your "Right Hemisphere," must work together to create your consciousness of who you are and how you define yourself. Both the "left" and the "right" sides of your brain control all your emotions, including your primary evolutionary "flight, fright or fight" response when you are confronted with any danger --- real or imaginary!

    In order to understand your SELF, which is your awareness of your "brain's activities," you must deliberately create a dialogue between your two brain hemispheres. Together, your two brain hemispheres have billions of brain cells called "neurons," that are connected to millions of synapses" which are incredible switching mechanisms. When you have ideas, some of your brain's neurons group together in "assemblies" to form memories. The synapses are connected to each other in special "neuronal networks" activated by electrical and chemical molecular changes.

    In summary, a healthy brain has neurons, synapses, assemblies, neuronal networks or circuits that function together for the common purpose of giving you the freedom to make choices and decisions. This is your self-awareness or consciousness of being a rational living person. These brain facts and make possible your pursuit of happiness --- if you have the courage and education to be liberated from ignorance, prejudices, superstitions, and addictions.

    There is a good description of the essential communication skills, which you can apply instantly to learn reliable scientific explanations about your life, at the following link:

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    (101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly)

    This active process of thinking with all your new brainpower skills can empower you to separate your "needs" from your "wants" by using the self-control planning process to achieve your essential survival needs. You can decide your own goals without interference from other people, who may be well-meaning, but who have their own different motives for trying to influence your choices and behavior.


    Unfortunately, the importance of your own brainpower skills have been minimized during the past 30,000 years or so of recorded history because of the false belief that there is some kind of mystical separation between your body and your consciousness of your self. This alleged separation has been the basis for the concept of the eternal "soul," which can in some inexplicable way survive death. The supposed need for some mystical separation by pre-scientific people was apparently needed to minimize the fear of death or personal extinction, with respect to individuals, and also as a way for leaders to maximize their control their followers.

    History repeatedly indicates that it was easier for autocratic leaders at the top of each society or community to mix politics and religion into fearful shame-based confusing ideologies in order to control the economics of their subjugated followers at the bottom of the power pyramid. Evan now in America, the land of the free, government and corporate bureaucrats control huge amounts of human capital or intellectual resources with autocratic control policies and procedures.

    This perception of the "historical relativity" of the past depends upon a profound new awareness of known factual ideas about how your brain works. You can begin to learn today how to use your own amazing brainpower to understand the complex factual ideas that can give new meaning to your life and add many years of predictable happiness to your unique lifetime.

    Now for the first time in human history, the influence of the intimate interaction of the chemical and electrical activities in your brain --- as you think and feel --- can be made visible and documented in an irrefutably objective scientific way. The electro-chemical activities of your brain that make possible your consciousness can be shown to be associated with your habits. This allows you to learn the enormous controlling impact your feelings have on your thoughts. Likewise, you can learn the predictable effects your thoughts can have on your feelings. Since your combined thoughts and feelings are the sources of your beliefs and habits, you can control them more than you ever thought you could.

    Now with the security of our multicultural values protected by democratic civil laws, including the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the United States, scientific brain research provides new evidence of the importance of keeping your brain tissues healthy. The revolutionary new applied brain knowledge can become the basis of your new understanding of your unique self or personality. In short, you will discover that your lifestyle or habits are controlled by your thoughts and feelings in a predictable social context,

    Your philosophy of self-liberation can be your guide to success and happiness in all aspects of your changing life. You need to ask the right questions to begin understanding how your thoughts and feelings concerning your core values and absolute assumptions can change by using the new brain science inspired "Alphabetical Brain Vocabulary:"


      1) POWER NUMBER ONE --- Questions demand answers!

      2) POWER NUMBER TWO --- Questions stimulate thinking!

      3) POWER NUMBER THREE --- Questions give us valuable information!

      4) POWER NUMBER FOUR --- Questions put you in control!

      5) POWER NUMBER FIVE --- Questions get people to open up!

      6) POWER NUMBER SIX --- Questions lead to quality listening!

      7) POWER NUMBER SEVEN --- Questions get people to pursuade themselves!

      Book Source:
      (Seven Powers of Questions)

      When you think about your your brain from now on, answers to the above questions, remember that you are dealing with the most complex and valuable thing in the universe! To get the most value from these questions, you can use these core questions to find deeper answers to your vital concerns and create better communication with your friends and loved ones.


      You can immerse your SELF in the factual scientific ideas, which are the scientifically reasoned thought patterns of thousands of successful world-class thinking men and women throughout history. Then you can extract their most important ideas as "keywords" from the summaries and excerpt comments in this database.

      This way of thinking can strengthen your resolve to follow their examples or improve upon their ideas just as you would if you were able to have a serious conversation with a trusted friend who was also an expert in the study of the human brain. You can rely on these reference sources just as you would if you had a personal mentor to guide you along the freeway of happiness and success.


      The singular most important thing for you to understand for your continued success is how your brain works. You can open your mind and learn essential truths about the meaning of your life in the context of the new scientific brain facts and research-based self-leadership ideas. The unique "training abstracts" of the Brainpower Mindset Categories can help you find meaningful summaries and coherent excerpts from published books and articles that cover the essential aspects of how your brain works --- instantly!

      Also this website includes memory enhancing self-study note forms. The "self-maps" or "idea-maps" are convenient study forms. The are designed to help you reinforce the new brain facts in the context of two theories, namely, "emotional intelligence theory" of success and the "servant-leader theory" of leadership. The servant-leader theory of leadership can be re-named the "coach-facilitator theory" for purposes of appealing to all people including those of ethnic backgrounds, where the word "servant" still has a pejorative meaning.

      You can make printouts of the unique "self-maps" and "idea-maps" to help you participate more completely in the sensory immersion process. Then your brainpower activities of thinking, feeling, visualizing, reading, and writing can all be integrated into your search for the best verifiable ideas for living happily and successfully.

      The self-maps and idea-maps can help you focus on your self-liberation journey to achieve more personal happiness or job satisfaction by reinforcing the neuronal connections in your brain. Your decision to totally immerse your SELF in the organized information available on this website can guarantee your happiness and success no matter what problems you face now or in the future. You will be able to use your new brainpower knowledge more intelligently when you learn how to apply your brainpower systematically.
      The new Brainpower Mindset Categories of verifiable knowledge can help you learn how to save good information in your long-term memory. As you search for trustworthy factual explanations and predictable changes in your attitude about your quest for happiness and success based on verifiable known truths, you can experience maximum self-empowerment.

      The "cathedrals" or "fortresses" of humanists are books, libraries, book stores, online databases, and other human brains! They are part of your positive "cultural network" since they will express your culture's heritage in the versitile English language with powerful words that you can count on. They will help you break down cultural barriers and connect with other liberated minds by thinking with verifiable scientific ideas that are widely accessible to millions of people.

      Reading and studying and discussing the factual ideas are still the best ways for you to improve the world you perceive through your choice of words that "filter" your perceptions.

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